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Kit and Evelyn Retire From COWA

Many already know that Kit Rosefield has retired from COWA to take a crack at relaxing for a living. Kit's official role was COWA's Education and Training Coordinator and Lead Trainer for the past half dozen years. However, Kit provided COWA with much more than training and coordination. Kit was the face of COWA on the national level through his involvement with NAWT. But Kit's biggest impact on COWA was to transform our thinking from onsite wastewater as our niche to all onsite water.

It took some time for his vision to come clear, but we are making that vision a reality, starting with the Association's name. COWA is now the California Onsite Water Association. We still continue to provide our core trainings in the blackwater field. But we will now expand our education, training and policy input activities to address the other aspects of “onsite”water. You will see this expanded effort and presence in the coming weeks and months.

As part of implementing Kit's vision, COWA is co-convening the Decentralized Water Policy Council (DWPC.) DWPC is a policy initiative supported by COWA and OAEC, the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. The Council supports the commitment and urgency for a change in water regulation rules acknowledged by Californians across a complete range of “decentralized water” disciplines and roles. OAEC is partnering with the California Onsite Water Association (COWA) to convene the DWPC. Follow this link for more information: http://oaec.org/our-work/projects-and-partnerships/ca-decentralized-water-policy-council/

Kit has now retired leaving it up to others to implement his vision for COWA. Also leaving COWA for retirement is Kit’s wife Evelyn Rosefield, the Administrative lead for the organization. Evelyn was the day-to-day face and voice of COWA,responsible for running the organization, as well as supporting Kit, our Board, and our members.

Kit and Evelyn asked me to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation for all those that worked with them over the years. They have both reserved the right to stay involved with COWA and we are glad to have them just a phone call away. I expect to see Kit on the training schedule in the not too distant future. If you would like us to pass on any messages to Kit and Evelyn, please feel free to send them to cowaemail@gmail.com and we will see that they get them.

In the short-term, Nick Weigel, our treasurer and lead trainer, will be assuming the role of Lead Trainer and coordinating resources to fill the Administration void. You can give him a call or drop him an email with any questions or issues you may have.

With the expanded focus to address all onsite waters, we invite anyone that would like to be involved with COWA, with training material input, policy input, or organizational vision and course setting, to reach out to us. We welcome the input.

COWA Spring Training Schedule is Out

SOILS, HYDROGEOLOGY AND SITE ASSESSMENT - Debra Robertson and Nick Weigel will be delivering the Soils, Hydrogeology and Site Assessment class scheuled for May 13 and 14th in Nevada County. You can get the details for the class and register for the Soils Class here.

NAWT INSPECTOR CLASS - . Mike Treinen and Nick Weigel will be delivering the NAWT Inspector class scheduled for May 28th and 29th in Sacramento County. You can get the details for the class and register for the NAWT Inspector class here.

COWA PRINCIPLES OF PLAN CHECK- . Mike Elliott will be delivering this one day course in Sacramento County. You can get the details for the class and register for the COWA Plan Check class here.

COWA Backs Assemblymember Gatto's AB1463

The COWA Board has sent a letter of support for AB1463 introduced by California Assembly Member Gatto. The Bill is curently in the ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON WATER, PARKS, AND WILDLIFE.

This bill would require the state board, inconsultation with the State Department of Public Health, the CaliforniaBuilding Standards Commission, and stakeholders, to establish water quality standards and distribution, monitoring, and reportingrequirements for onsite water recycling systems prior to authorizing theuse of onsite recycled water in internal plumbing of residential andcommercial buildings.

The full language in AB 1463 can be found here.

COWA urges you to support the efforts of Assembly Member Gatto in responding to the California drought crisis with this update to Title 22, California's recycled water .

A copy of COWA's letter in support of AB1463 can be found here.

Mark S Adams P.E.
COWA President

An Industry in Transition

“Change, a small word with a big meaning” words of wisdom from COWA President, Mark Adams. recycle drop

Modern civilization has experienced a number of historical integrated transitions in energy, communications and transportation. While there have been significant advancements in water resource management, only recently has it become clear that resource recovery will play an important role in a sustainable future. In what some are referring to as the “Data Era,” rapid developments in distributed energy and water, information transfer, smart grid management, alternative fuels and resource recovery supporting net energy neutrality offer tremendous opportunities for job creation. These developments align with the elements of sustainability; economical sustainability, environmental sustainability and societal sustainability, coupled with the benefits to community health, community planning and property values.